Rosiland Harrington, MD, MSCR

Rosiland Harrington, MD, MSCR, is an experienced family medicine physician and lead clinician at Decatur Health and Wellness, from where she provides exceptional care to the people of Tucker, Georgia. In addition to her expertise in primary care, Dr. Harrington specializes in obesity medicine and has helped many patients who have struggled to lose weight succeed in reaching and maintaining their weight loss goals.

Dr. Harrington’s interest in weight loss began when she was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois in Chicago, during which time she worked in the UIC Nutrition Clinic. She received her medical degree from Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, where she also obtained a Master’s degree in clinical research, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Harrington completed a residency at Georgia Regents University Department of Family Medicine in Augusta, and subsequently continued her training in obesity medicine. She has extensive expertise in all aspects of weight management, and considerable experience of helping patients achieve significant weight loss.

As well as the full range of primary care services available at Decatur Health and Wellness, Dr. Harrington uses her expertise in obesity medicine to provide specialist help for people who are struggling with weight loss. She is a member of the Obesity Medicine Society and holds certification with both the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine.